Mediation lies at the forefront of T&ES services and is one of our company’s key strengths. T&E Solutions gives you complete mediation support. Our experts are distinguished in the field and are recognized in the Middle East for the mediation proficiency. Mediation aims at resolving differences among conflicting parties when they reach communication tension or deadlock.

 As mediation consultants, we address the individual and organizational conflicts by providing preset or customized mediation solutions. Our solutions pay full attention to the cultural and corporate sensitivity of the client as well as compliment the efforts of any other parties involved such as human resource professionals, advocates, or guardians.

 Our mediation services can be used before, during and after litigation in order to minimize tension, cost and time between conflicting parties and obtain a win-win settlement in a confidential process.

Our Meditation Consultancy services cover two types of services.

  • Community Mediation, including Family conflicts and neighbourhood conflicts
  • Corporate and commercial mediation: this includes organizational conflict between staff, management, departments and branches as well as commercial conflict between different organizations