Our training services help individuals and organizations assess their needs and determine the appropriate modules to fulfil these needs.

T&E’s packages and expertise make us your suitable partner to enhance the performance within organizations and drive work forward, as well as create new opportunities. Our solutions include pre-set training packages and customized solutions that are tailored for specific customer needs.

Our diverse portfolio of trainers combines rich experiences utilizing theoretical frameworks and applying them to real-life cases in a very practical manner. Most of T&E’s trainers have accumulated international experiences from various parts of the world in different contexts.

In preparing the training packages we take into consideration several determining factors

  • Target Group Need- What participants need to do that they cannot or are not doing currently
  • Methodology – What are the compatible approaches and methods for the target group to learn
  • Corporate Culture – How the training is culturally coherent with each institution’s corporate values and principles and in line with the policies and procedures
  • Return on Investment – How this training will be invested and the impact measured within the work environment as well as the quality of products and services provided